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  • A Modern C Development Environment

    In this article we’ll go over how to set up a containerized development environment for C projects. We’ll touch on setting up a build system using CMake, a testing environment using Unity, and even how to use our containerized environment in our CI pipeline!

  • Using SWIG to generate bindings between C and Lua

    This article covers how to write a C program that launches a Lua interpreter and then how to use SWIG to generate the necessary wrapper code to allow Lua scripts to access the functions and data inside of the C runtime.

  • Pocket article: Debugging ccache misses

    This article provides a few tips and tricks for diagnosing ccache misses, to keep your C/C++ build nice and snappy!

  • C Structure Padding Initialization

    This article takes a look at a few different aspects of C structure initialization. In particular, we’ll look at when it matters, the current state of things in Clang and GCC, recommendations, and the ✨ future ✨.

  • Firmware Static Analysis with CodeChecker

    In this post, I go over how to set up CodeChecker on a firmware project to reap the benefits of static analysis. I’ll also cover ways to deal with false positives, and configure your assert functions to be analysis-friendly.

  • Practical Design Patterns: Opaque Pointers and Objects in C

    Objects are not a native concept in C, but you can achieve something resembling objects by using a design pattern known as the “opaque pointer”. This post will show you what the pattern is, explain some of the finer details, and provide guidance on when you should and shouldn’t use it.

  • Embedded C/C++ Unit Testing with Mocks

    In this article, we do a deep-dive into unit testing with mocks. We’ll go over where they fit into your unit testing infrastructure, how to write them in C/C++, and finally run through some real-world examples. At the end, we’ll briefly talk about integration tests.

  • A Shallow Dive into GNU Make

    This article explains general concepts and features of GNU Make and includes recommendations for getting the most out of a Make build! Consider it a brief guided tour through some of my favorite/most used Make concepts and features 🤗.

  • Improving Compilation Time of C/C++ Projects

    Build times don’t have to be long, even yours! However, many factors play a role. In this post, we’ll dive into which factors contribute to slower builds, compare and contrast options, and also go over some easy wins which you can immediately contribute to your project and share with your teammates. The techniques discussed apply to most C/C++ compilers and projects, and there are a couple extra tips for those using the GNU GCC compiler.

  • The Best and Worst GCC Compiler Flags For Embedded

    In this article we will explore some of the best and worst compiler flags for GCC (and Clang). Our focus will be on flags used for embedded projects but the reasoning applies to other development environments as well. We will explore the impact each flag has by walking through practical C code examples.