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  • Nash's Four Favorite Firmware Debug Tools

    Firmware is an essential part of every modern electronic system. Try as we might to achieve perfection in our firmware, things will, inevitably, start to act funny. And when they do, it’s time for debugging! While a poor craftsman chooses to blame his tools, proper tooling can speed you to a robust diagnosis and an expeditious fix. Here are four of my favorite friends for finding and fixing firmware flaws.

  • Tracing & Logging with the `TRICE` Library (Interrupts too!)

    Embedded engineers need something as easy to use as printf, usable within interrupts, small enough for today’s MCU’s, and have minimal performance impact when running. The Trice technique tries to fill this gap. It is the result of a long-year dissatisfaction and several attempts to find a loophole to make embedded programming more fun and effective.

  • What we've been reading in December

    🎉 Happy 2022 everyone! 🎉

    Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this December.

  • What we've been reading in November

    Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this November.

  • Pocket article: How to implement and use `.noinit` RAM

    This pocket article will describe how a non-initialized region of memory works, how to implement it, and how it can be used in a typical embedded system.

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