The Interrupt community comprises engineers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts with a shared passion for hardware and firmware development. We come together to share best practices, problem-solve, collaborate on projects, advance the embedded community, and elevate device reliability engineering (DRE).

The Interrupt Community was created and is moderated today by the founders of Memfault.

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  • Diving into JTAG - Overview (Part 1)

    As the first segment of a three-part series on JTAG, this post will give an overview of JTAG to set up some more in-depth discussions on debugging and JTAG Boundary-Scan. We will dive into the intricacies of the interface, such as the Test Access Port (TAP), key registers, instructions, and JTAG’s finite state machine.

  • Visualizing Real-time Data With STMViewer

    If you’ve ever wanted to plot data acquired on your embedded target, this article is for you. It explores common use cases for real-time data visualization using STMViewer. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming, and error-prone data collection and display methods to speed up your debugging process.

  • Counting Crashes to Improve Device Reliability

    This post will cover the most common reliability metrics that hardware manufacturers use. It will explore which are best for IoT devices, including a novel measurement, Crash Free Hours. We’ll cover exactly what you’ll need to collect on your devices within firmware to measure device reliability and ensure your devices are working as expected.

  • What we've been reading in October (2023)

    Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this October.

  • Rust on Yocto: A Seamless Integration

    At Memfault, our love affair with Rust began in late 2022. What drew us to Rust? Well, the typical allure of a modern programming language: an impressive type-system, memory safety without the constant jitters, efficient concurrency management, a thriving package ecosystem, and overwhelming support from our engineering team. To put it simply, we’re smitten. Our journey with Rust has been nothing short of transformative, enabling rapid progress and leading us to conquer challenges we previously deemed … non-trivial.

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