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  • Rust on Yocto: A Seamless Integration

    At Memfault, our love affair with Rust began in late 2022. What drew us to Rust? Well, the typical allure of a modern programming language: an impressive type-system, memory safety without the constant jitters, efficient concurrency management, a thriving package ecosystem, and overwhelming support from our engineering team. To put it simply, we’re smitten. Our journey with Rust has been nothing short of transformative, enabling rapid progress and leading us to conquer challenges we previously deemed … non-trivial.

  • Asynchronous Rust on Cortex-M Microcontrollers

    In this article, we explore the inner workings of Futures, cooperative scheduling, and Async Rust executors, highlighting their significance in optimizing resource utilization. Moreover, we introduce the Rust Embassy project, an innovative framework designed to unlock the power of asynchronous programming on microcontrollers.

  • Rust for Low Power Digital Signal Processing

    In this post, I go over how Rust can be used to implement DSP algorithms for firmware today, and compare the process and performance to the equivalent code written with CMSIS-DSP.

  • From Zero to main(): Bare metal Rust

    Since 2015, Rust has been redefining what it means to combine the best-in-class aspects of performance, correctness, and developer convenience into one language, without compromise. In this post, we’ll bootstrap a Rust environment on a Cortex-M microcontroller from scratch, and explain a few of the language concepts you might not have seen before.