Tag: unit-testing

  • Balancing Test Coverage vs. Overhead

    In a perfect world, all software and firmware are given precisely the time and budget it needs to be successful, code is uniformly well-written to industry best practices, and the code is complemented with a complete test suite instrumenting all aspects of the software.

    In practice, this rarely, if ever, happens! Development teams and organizations continually have to re-prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and avoid going over budget. In this article, we’ll cover how you can think about rapidly modifying and updating firmware, testing these changes, all the while allowing you to get the product out the door.

  • Embedded C/C++ Unit Testing with Mocks

    In this article, we do a deep-dive into unit testing with mocks. We’ll go over where they fit into your unit testing infrastructure, how to write them in C/C++, and finally run through some real-world examples. At the end, we’ll briefly talk about integration tests.

  • Embedded C/C++ Unit Testing Basics

    In this post, we go into detail on how to properly build abstractions to stub, fake, and mock out implementations of low level embedded software and provide a full real-world example of a unit test using the CppUTest 3.8 unit test framework.