Tag: git

  • Automatically format and lint code with pre-commit

    This article provides some background and guidelines for using pre-commit to automatically format and lint C-language firmware codebases. We’ll cover general guidelines and go over an example set of checks that can be helpful when working on firmware code.

  • Proper Release Versioning Goes a Long Way

    In this article, we are going to talk through all the various pieces of metadata to be included in your firmware binaries, debug symbols, and build artifacts so that developers and machines can quickly and easily know exactly which build is which and how to fetch associated files for the debug, test, and release pipeline.

  • Hunting Bugs with Git Bisect

    This article is a personal story of a time I had to run a bisect on a repository, and the thoughts that went through my mind as it happened. I touch on how to find a bug using git’s bisect feature and go over some easy strategies to narrow your search space as much as possible. Lastly, I detail some ways of speeding up that search through git bisect’s automation options.