Tag: connectivity

  • Best Practices for Monitoring Device Connectivity

    This post will cover why device connectivity is complex and what methods we have available to diagnose and solve connectivity problems, both in the office and remotely in production. The tool at the core of our strategy is metrics, but we’ll briefly survey other tools like logging and protocol analysis. We’ll look in-depth at the utility of metrics and wrap up with some practical metric examples to use in your device.

  • LTE and IoT - How We Got Here

    In this article, I describe some of my findings from a recent investigation of how LTE technology was built for IoT systems. Complete with some history and a few diagrams to illustrate cellular network architecture and LTE power-saving features like eDRX and PSM, this read will give a nice introduction to LTE in embedded systems.

  • Integrating Memfault with Blecon Bluetooth Devices

    In this post, I’ll go through how we evaluated Memfault at Blecon and talk through what we liked and why we decided to use it, how we integrated it into the nRF5 platform and carried the Memfault data over to the Memfault cloud via Bluetooth.

  • A Practical Guide to BLE Throughput

    In this article, we dive into the factors which influence BLE throughput. We will walk through the BLE protocol stack from version 4.0 to 5.1. We will discuss how to audit what is limiting throughput in a BLE connection and parameters which can be tuned to improve it. Finally, we will walk through a couple practical examples where we evaluate and optimize the throughput of a connection.