Tag: linux

  • Emulating a Raspberry Pi in QEMU

    This article dives into QEMU, a popular open-source emulator, and how to use it to emulate a Raspberry Pi on your desktop. At the end of the article, we will put the whole environment in Docker, so you will be able to emulate a Raspberry Pi by just using a Docker container.

  • OTA for Embedded Linux Devices: A practical introduction

    A core belief of Memfault is that we can ship faster when we have good infrastructure in place. An essential piece of this infrastructure is tools to send firmware updates over the air. It enables the team to ship more often and spend more time building features.

    In this article, we look specifically at what is required to ship over-the-air firmware updates for Linux systems.

  • Integrating Memfault into an Embedded Linux Project

    In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to integrate Memfault’s offering on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running embedded Linux.