What we've been reading in July (2022)

Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this July

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Articles & Learning

Projects & Tools

  • tio/tio: A simple serial device I/O tool
    Super cool, simpler terminal for interfacing with the serial console on embedded devices. Notable features include automatic connect & reconnect, support for non-standard baud rates, locally echo’ing characters (so your firmware doesn’t have to), and local line timestamps. Sweet! Although I still suggest everyone use miniterm, this is a new one I need to investigate!

  • bschwind/key-ripper
    A pretty nicely worked out mechanical keyboard project with a firmware written in Rust and debuggable via knurling-rs. The author points to his Reddit Post for the back-story. - Noah

  • nviennot/stm32-emulator
    An emulator which accepts STM32 firmware and SVD files to configure the machine. It’s primarily used by the author to emulate 3D printer software. - Tyler

  • ZigEmbeddedGroup/microzig
    A project to help developers get started using Zig with embedded devices.

  • grep.app - code search
    Really quickly search through a lot of public GitHub repositories for snippets of code or existing implementations for reference purposes. Incredibly useful and magical tool! We’ve mentioned it before but worth a roundup mention. It’s so useful.

  • Power Profiler Kit II - Nordic Semiconductors
    A nice and pretty inexpensive power analyzer from Nordic (very out of stock at the moment, unfortunately) - Noah

Announcements & News

Tyler Hoffman has worked on the embedded software teams at Pebble and Fitbit. He is now a founder at Memfault.