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Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this July.

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  • Memfault Webinar - How to De-Risk IoT Product Launches with Device Reliability Engineering
    Join this IoT Central webinar on August 10th with Memfault CEO & Interrupt Co-Creator, François Baldassari, and discover how utilizing device reliability engineering (DRE) techniques minimizes risks during product launches and ensures timely shipment. You’ll learn about:
    • Reducing the NPI (New Product Introduction) timeline
    • Separating software and hardware timelines, utilizing test-driven development, Day-0 updates, and more
    • Incorporating performance metrics, debugging features, and reliable OTA into IoT devices
  • Memfault Webinar - How to Debug Android Devices in Production
    Join us on Thursday, August 17th for a deep dive into the intricacies of Android crash analysis and how to expedite the process, led by Chris Hayes (Android Solution Engineer). Chris will go over:
    • Out-of-the-box AOSP tools readily available and ways to augment them with other tools and techniques
    • How to catch kernel panics, java exceptions, native crashes, ANRs, and more to root cause high-impact faults quickly
    • How to use Memfault to collect comprehensive crash and non-fatal error data from Kernel to App
  • San Diego Firmware Meetup by Memfault
    Team Memfault would love to host you on Wednesday, September 6th for another evening of technical talks, demos, and networking over food & drinks! We had a great turnout for our first San Diego Meetup back in June and expect these to continue to grow. Get your free ticket here.

  • Berlin Firmware Meetup by Memfault
    Team Memfault is excited to share that our Meetups are expanding abroad! We will host the first Berlin Firmware Meetup on Thursday, September 14th at MotionLab.Berlin. This event is a great opportunity to meet other local engineers of all technical levels and learn about the latest embedded developments. Sign up here for your free ticket.

  • Boston Firmware Meetup by Memfault
    Team Memfault welcomes you to join us at the next Boston Firmware Meetup on Wednesday, September 20th to connect with other local embedded engineers and meet members of the Boston office. We have some exciting lightning talks lined up and of course, food and drink will be provided. Register here for your free ticket.

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Tyler Hoffman has worked on the embedded software teams at Pebble and Fitbit. He is now a founder at Memfault.