What we've been reading in January (2020)

Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this January.

We hope you enjoy these links, and we look forward to hearing what you’ve been reading in the comments or on the Interrupt Slack.

Articles & Learning

Neat Projects

  • Winterbloom - Castor & Pollux Firmware
    As mentioned above, this is the Github repo for a Winterbloom oscillator, complete with everything you could ask for! Factory scripts, hardware and software code, and documentation. A very good resource for someone wanting to look at an open-source Cortex-M0+ based firmware.
  • SPIFFS (SPI Flash File System)
    A file system built for SPI NOR flash devices. It might be a good alternative to LittleFS.
  • bytefield-svg
    An SVG library to help build byte-field diagrams, such as those showing network protocols and memory layouts. A similar package to WaveDrom.
  • PCB Brick Mount by Kerry Scharfglass
    Ever thought layout out multiple PCB’s together was a pain? James Munns did too, and he came up with a Lego-like system to mount PCB’s onto. Check out his Github repo which contains KiCAD footprints and the various boards James has designed himself.
  • Siliconpr0n
    A collection of die images of a plethora of chips.
  • aosp-riscv
    Android running on RiscV!? Neat.
  • Watchy Pebble-like Smartwatch with E-paper display, ESP32 processor launched on Crowd Supply
    Watchy, an ESP32-based E-paper smartwatch board that is being sold on CrowdSupply. I love this because it means that I might finally get to wear something Pebble-like on my wrist again!


  • Raspberry Pi Pico
    A fascinating new announcement from the group behind the Raspberry Pi, the Pico! The RP2040 features a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+, 264kB of RAM, and 16MB of flash. Did I mention it’s $4 and it runs MicroPython? Sign me up. I imagine this will be a very popular prototyping board for new hardware projects.
  • NXP published MCUXpresso SDK 2.9.0 on GitHub by Erich Styger
    NXP has realized that providing .zip files of their SDK is outdated and cumbersome to use. Yay! They’ve also published it under a permissible license, BSD-3. Double yay! I wish all vendors take notes.
  • EdgeLock 2GO - Secure, flexible IoT service platform
    NXP announced their IoT platform, EdgeLock 2GO. I’d love to know who’s using this. (Do reach out if you are, I’m very curious.)
  • This Bluetooth Attack Can Steal a Tesla Model X in Minutes by Andy Greenberg
    It wouldn’t be an Interrupt blogroll post without a new Tesla hack over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
Tyler Hoffman has worked on the embedded software teams at Pebble and Fitbit. He is now a founder at Memfault.