New Events and Jobs Pages on Interrupt

François, Chris, and I started Interrupt 2.5 years ago because we wanted a repository of great embedded firmware content, which didn’t exist. Looking back at all the posts that our community contributors have published, we think we’ve made a respectable attempt at this goal.

Our goals for Interrupt were always more ambitious than just a blog with quality content. We wanted Interrupt to become a hub for everything related to embedded firmware. We wanted it to become a place where people go to learn more about firmware, discover meetups or events, find a job, or meet other developers in the embedded space.

We’ll continue to foster this growth as best we can, and we thank everyone who has contributed to Interrupt through GitHub pull requests, writing a post, answering questions on Slack or our forum, and more.

Anyways, onto the actual news at hand…

Interrupt now has a community-curated Events and Jobs page! We’ve pre-populated it a bit and we invite and welcome you to submit job listings and events that you believe are relevant to the embedded engineering space.

New Events Calendar

The events page will strive to contain a plethora of events that will help us all learn about the embedded space, grow as embedded engineers, meet each other, and gain awareness about what others are working on! We welcome you to submit events that you find interesting!

The events calendar can be subscribed to by using this link. Just add that to your Google Calendar or other calendar service and it will update with the events as they are added.

To be completely transparent, Interrupt’s events calendar will contain Memfault webinars and events that we believe are relevant. The ones we’ve hosted previously have been well received by the community and contain a wealth of knowledge and learnings from our time as embedded engineers. It’s self-promotion, but it’s welcome self-promotion (that’s at least what everyone has been telling us).

We are happy to publish your personal or company’s webinars and events, but understand that our quality and relevancy bar is high, and we will use our discretion when deciding what is relevant to the community. Feel free to reach out to us at or ping us in Slack with any questions you may have about this policy. If you want to help moderate the content, do let us know too!

New Jobs Page

The jobs page has been seeded with jobs postings from the Interrupt Slack and from customers of Memfault who have asked us to help promote their listings.

We welcome everyone from the community to submit a job posting to the page and we’ll do our best to get the word out. Like the events page, we’ll do a quick low-pass filter on quality to make sure the events are relevant to the community.

See anything you'd like to change? Submit a pull request or open an issue on our GitHub

Tyler Hoffman has worked on the embedded software teams at Pebble and Fitbit. He is now a founder at Memfault.