What we've been reading in April (2020)

Here are the articles, videos, and tools that we’ve been excited about this April.

We hope you enjoy these links, and we look forward to hearing what you’ve been reading in the comments.

Articles & Learning

Neat Open Source Projects


  • IntelliJ CLion for Embedded Improvements
    My favorite embedded development environment gets even better, with support for PlatformIO, IAR, and custom remote targets. If you haven’t tried out CLion recently, it’s time to try again.
  • Apache NuttX
    It appears that the NuttX RTOS is now Apache NuttX and is undergoing Incubation at The Apache Software Foundation.
  • New Azure RTOS Collaborations
    Azure RTOS seems to be shaping up, and I’m excited for the open sourcing of the project, given that Microsoft wrote an entire white-paper about how the only RTOS’s that should be considered are ones that are open source.
Tyler Hoffman has worked on the embedded software teams at Pebble and Fitbit. He is now a founder at Memfault.